Creating User Centered Software

Zasai specialise in the design and development of interactive information systems that seamlessly incorporate Web and Mobile devices. We like solving problems in beautiful ways. That means knowing what to accentuate and understanding what to hide. Our aim is to make the Users' experience as natural and productive as possible.

Our approach is User Centered. We concentrate on designing a system from the Users' perspective first by understanding their goals, their behaviours and their work-flows.

We align our designs with strategic thinking, business objectives, business processes and market drivers to produce a design that achieves the desired results - simply.

To fully achieve the best possible result we can apply our own development expertise to our designs to create Web, Messaging and Mobile client applications.

Our Work

Business application design and development are our core strengths. Over the years we have worked on many large scale transactional systems and data mining applications. Applications for the financial, health, FMCG and e-commerce sectors.

Having worked on a large cross-section of industries and businesses we have a solid understanding of how software applications can impact business. Importantly we realise the need to identify the most appropriate solution for an organisation and the people who will use the system to get work done.

To determine how best to apply technology we analyse your requirements in a multi-faceted manner. By understanding your strategy, your competitive landscape, market objectives and business goals, plus the perspectives of the intended users we can look at the problem through your eyes.

Through out the process it is important that you remain central to the project. We'll keep you informed of choices, issues and progress at all times. To make this easy we employ web-based project management and communication tools and distill our designs into various deliverables at set milestones. We take great pride in the quality of our design specifications to ensure they convey a design as effectivitly as possible.

Contact Us

We are happy to discuss any project you have in mind, please contact us. Robert O'Brien Zasai Media Ltd 237D Levers Road Tauranga, BOP 3110 Tel: +64.7.5701590